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AscentialTest is a comprehensive automated testing solution that was built from the ground up. What this means for our clients is:


Their budgets don't get bled dry licensing additional components of a 'testing solution'     such as frameworks, platform extensions, test data maintenance and test management.

Our code was developed organically, not through mergers or acquisitions, so you'll never     hear any wishy-washy promises to 'improve the integration between products in the     next release' from us.



AscentialTest is one product, designed and built to the testing requirements of both small and large firms.


A tester works 193 days a year for 8 hours a day (1544 hours) and earns $65,000     per year (including benefits).

Out of their 8 hour day, 20% of their time is devoted to test creation and 60% of their     time is focused on test maintenance.

Client licenses a single copy of AscentialTest for their one-person QA department.


Because AscentialTest reduces the test creation and maintenance efforts on average by 30% and 70% respectively, the payback period is only 6.92 months!

Now this was a simple, straight forward ROI analysis and didn't include other potential savings such as:

Concurrent licensing - Since AscentialTest is licensed on a concurrent basis, two testers     (one onshore and a second offshore) could share a single copy thereby doubling your     savings and cutting your payback period in half.

Testing Frameworks - Have we mentioned that we don't believe in frameworks? Delete     the labor costs associated with building and maintaining your test frameworks from your     budget.

Manual tests - if you're like most shops, a substantial portion of your testing is done     manually. With AscentialTest, you can reduce that workload as close to 0% as is     practical.

Software costs - you can save a bundle in software maintenance by retiring those     traditional automated test products and all their 'add-on' modules.


If you're like many of our skeptical friends, you want to see proof that AscentialTest is really as good as we say it is. For these folks, we created Missouri.