Another Ascential Difference

Dealing with data types adds an unnecessary level of complexity to the test automation process. AscentialTest allows users to describe their data requirements graphically so that data types and objects can be generated automatically. We minimize data input errors and eliminate the need for type conversions by tightly integrating application objects, tests and test data. It's another real difference that is easy to overlook.


Test Planning

Automated Testing

Manual Testing







Test Data Management

Manage Test Data for Automated Testing

AscentialTest provides a spreadsheet-like interface where the user can create data tables that have a direct relationship with application objects. Schema is created automatically as the user drags and drops application objects. Data objects of arbitrary complexity can be created using built-in and user-defined data types to match the requirements of test scripts. Data validation reduces input errors. There are no drivers or type conversions required. Test data is available from a simple query in the type expected by tests.

    GreenCheck Create data tables visually with types of arbitrary complexity
    GreenCheck Generate data structures in target testing language automatically
    GreenCheck Access data at runtime via a simple query without need to transform data types
    GreenCheck Project and Plan level data provide single point of change
    GreenCheck Data validation reduces entry errors
    GreenCheck Import data from Excel and .csv format


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