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Get an in-depth understanding of how AscentialTest™ allows organizations to save time and reduce costs by enabling domain experts to design and create manual and automated tests that are ready to execute without recording or scripting.

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AscentialTest earned a top 5 position for software testing tools ranked by average customer rating with a score of 9 out of 10.

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See how drag n' drop is faster then recording or scripting

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Sept 20: AscentialTest v8.1 provides the ability to port tests to different languages to support localization testing. It also provides support for WPF in a PowerBuilder application.

Aug 19: We are super excited to announce the release of v8.0 which includes a streamlined user interface and project refactor.

May 9: AscentialTest v7.10 makes it a snap to integrate tests with test data thru point and click.

March 11: Check out this article in CIO Review written by our CEO Brian Le Suer

February 10: AscentialTest v7.9 makes it easy to define WebTables and WebLists with drag and drop.

February 2: Our CEO, Brian Le Suer, will speak about test automation at the upcoming Quest Conference.

December 9: With the release of v7.8, AscentialTest now recognizes images for navigation and verification.

September 24: AscentialTest 7.7 is now available. It's packed with UI enhancements that make it even easier to create and manage your manual and automated tests.

September 18: Watch Zeenyx CEO Brian Le Suer's presentation on PowerBuilder TV.

August 18: AscentialTest 7.6 is now available, providing support for Chrome v44 and Firefox v40.

March 25: Zeenyx CEO Brian Le Suer will be presenting at the PowerBuilder User Conference being held May 6-8 in North Carolina. Hope to see you there.

June 4: Zeenyx is honored to be recognized by Dr. Dobbs as a finalist for this year's Jolt Award in the testing tools category.

March 20: Check out this Computer Weekly guest blog by Zeenyx CEO.







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Hard Things Made Easy

with AscentialTest

We've come up with a fast track approach to building software tests using codeless, re-usable elements that do not rely on key words, recording or scripting. By dragging and dropping screen objects into a visual test editor, test actions are automatically generated. All the user has to do is provide the test data via simple drop-downs without the drudge of external spreadsheets. The re-usable elements can be combined to form a multitude of manual and automated tests across multiple projects that are fast and easy to create and maintain.

AscentialTest™ provides an enterprise level Test Management System that encompasses Test Planning, Test Development, Test Data Management and Test Execution. It provides a highly visual environment where plans, suites, tests and data are seamlessly integrated.

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Zeenyx is sponsoring QAI Quest 2016. Hope to see you there.


Increase Productivity

Zeenyx has embraced test maintenance as the highest priority in AscentialTest’s design. The step-based approach allows testing staff to create durable manual and automated tests that are easy to maintain over time. By eliminating the need to build a costly test framework, AscentialTest reduces the level of effort, increases productivity and lowers the cost of software testing. Learn More








         From our blog

Benefits of Codeless testing approach

Organizations can significantly cut testing cycles by adopting our codeless testing approach to building manual and automated tests. Unlike keyword-driven testing, the codeless approach does not require the development of a test framework.

Instead of requiring testing teams to create layers of spreadsheets to define tests and keywords along with supporting files of functions that need to be either recorded or scripted, the codeless approach generates all of the test components based on ...

          Zeenyx Jolt Award

Zeenyx Software has been recognized by Dr. Dobb’s Journal as a winner for the 2014 Jolt Award.

“It is gratifying to receive this award, because we strive to provide a comprehensive testing solution that increases the productivity of testers and reduces the maintenance costs typically associated with ownership of manual and automated tests.

The Jolt Award judges appreciated how our drag and drop approach reduces the level of effort and makes automated testing accessible to all members of the testing staff,” said CEO Brian Le Suer.