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AscentialTest® Overview

What is AscentialTest?

AscentialTest is a comprehensive software testing solution that provides test planning, test data management, manual and automated test development, test execution, defect tracking and reporting. Built around our patented ‘smart image’ technology, our users build test components by dragging and dropping from a series of application images not from fragile, difficult to maintain recordings.

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AscentialTest features combine to lower the cost of testing by reducing the learning curve, increasing productivity, minimizing test maintenance and providing meaningful integrations.

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Test planning, automated test development, manual test development, test data creation and maintenance, test management, test execution management, reporting and metrics

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The Founders

Working on software testing tools since the early 90's

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Managing Test Dependencies

While it is good practice to design automated tests to be independent, it is not always expeditious. There are situations where the data state of a test environment is difficult to manage or where the ‘state-full’ nature of a transaction requires components to be built one upon another. In these cases, a system of managing test dependencies is required.

Tuesday, December 14 @ 10:00 AM ESTLearn More

PBTV - AscentialTest Support for PowerServer 2021

Learn how a set of automated tests built to test a PowerBuilder classic application can be re-used without change to validate the deployment to a PowerServer 2021 web application.

Tuesday, September 28 @ 10:00 AM EDTLearn More

Generating Custom Reports

Along with a variety of built-in summary and detail reports, AscentialTest provides tools for generating custom reports to meet project information requirements and to produce outputs that comply with third-party standards.

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Enhancing your understanding of Zee language scripting

While most testing tasks can be accomplished in AscentialTest without scripting, the Zee language is a full-featured, object-oriented language that provides the ability to build test automation capabilities beyond drag and drop.


How to add test verification through REST, SOAP, SQL and Dll with AscentialTest.

While AscentialTest is primarily used for GUI testing, the Zee Language has the capability to create, update and parse JSON and XML and to call DLL, ODBC, SOAP and REST interfaces.

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Zeenyx Technical Webinar

How to design a test data strategy that promotes efficiency and reusability for manual and automated tests.

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