No More Frameworks

Test frameworks are costly to build and maintain. Unlike keyword-driven testing, the step-based approach does not require the development of a test framework. Instead of requiring testing teams to create layers of spreadsheets to define tests and keywords along with supporting files of functions that need to be either recorded or scripted, the step-based approach builds relationships between application objects, test actions and test data so that the test framework can be automatically generated and maintained.




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Supported Platforms

  • Windows Clients
  • SWT
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox, Chrome
  • Java - Swing
  • DotNet - Winforms and WPF
  • Terminals (iSeries)
  • Powerbuilder
  • Siebel
  • Component One
  • Dev Express







Zeenyx Test Support for PowerBuilder

AscentialTest now provides testing support for PowerBuilder 6x - 12x






Browser Independence


Tests created with one browser run without modification against all supported browser and browser versions. We do the heavy-lifting so that you don't have to.

Zeenyx is committed to keeping up with new browser versions as soon as they are released.




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Automated Testing

AscentialTest is a productivity tool for software testing. It has been designed to lower the learning curve, reduce test creation time and minimize the level of effort to maintain tests. Instead of investing time in building frameworks, software testers can spend more time testing. AscentialTest provides a highly visual environment where test components are created using drag and drop in an easy 4 step process:

1. Define Application Objects:

Object Oriented Testing

Users point and click to capture Snapshots, which contain all of the data required to expose and organize application objects and attributes. Users define objects by dragging and dropping to the object repository.

    GreenCheck Uniquely identify objects using a rich array of descriptors
    GreenCheck Advanced recognition for custom textual elements
    GreenCheck Graphically organize table rows and columns
    GreenCheck Reduce ‘noise’ by filtering out unwanted levels in the application hierarchy

2. Create Steps  

Step Based Testing

AscentialTest marries the usability of a recorder with the strength of script-based testing. Reusable steps are created by point and click. Actions are automatically generated by interacting with Snapshots.

    GreenCheck Generate input and verification actions
    GreenCheck Test data objects automatically generated
    GreenCheck Parameterize steps with the touch of a button to make them reusable
    GreenCheck Drag flow control statements from a pallet of common actions

3. Build Tests

Automated Testing

Reusable tests are built by dragging and dropping steps. AscentialTest automatically generates data tables and binds to the data fields of the test.

    GreenCheck Create tests by dragging and dropping re-usable steps
    GreenCheck Data tables generated with fields in the correct data type
    GreenCheck Tests kept up to date automatically as reusable steps are modified
    GreenCheck Combine manual and automated steps

4. Input Test Data

Build Test Data

Data tables are automatically generated by AscentialTest based on test input fields. All the user has to do is provide the test data.

    GreenCheck Data fields are generated in the type expected by the test
    GreenCheck Pick lists reduce input errors and save time inputting test data
    GreenCheck Data tables can contain complex data structures including lists and records
    GreenCheck Data can be designed to be reused by multiple tests


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