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Our manual testing solution is in its own class. Manual tests can include steps that perform database lookups to ensure data is fresh and others that calculate expected results based on data supplied by the tester at runtime.

A manual regression test can be distributed across multiple computers so that tests are delivered to manual testers as they are ready, while results travel back to the controller where a composite results report is compiled.

Customers appreciate that AscentialTest provides a common approach for building automated and manual tests which makes the transition seamless.




Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a solution for manual and automated testing that will allow all members of the team to build effective tests faster than with traditional manual testing methods so that a positive Return on Investment is achieved the very first time tests are deployed.





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Manual Testing

AscentialTest provides a unique way to create and execute manual tests.  Manual tests are developed by combining and organizing re-usable steps by drag and drop. At test execution time, the tester is prompted with instructions for each step and provided a way to capture outputs and notes. Results are stored along with automated test results, making it easy to generate comprehensive reports.

    GreenCheck Tests are created by dragging and dropping re-usable steps
    GreenCheck Outputs captured in one step can be linked to input instructions of subsequent         steps so that the tester is provided with session specific instructions
    GreenCheck Data lookups can be embedded within instructions so that the tester is provided         with current and relevant test data. Significant time is saved searching for records         and eliminating input errors due to out-of-date data
    GreenCheck Tests can combine automated and manual steps
    GreenCheck Application images can be captured during execution for display in test results or        defect reports
    GreenCheck Manual tests can be easily converted to automated tests
    GreenCheck Test results including date/time, tester and executed actions are recorded for audit or         regulatory review.


Reusable manual steps are easy to create:  

Manual Testing


Manual tests are developed by dragging and dropping reusable steps. Tests are automatically kept up to date as steps are modified, significantly reducing test maintenance.

Manual Tests


The manual test prompter provides instructions and the ability to capture outputs and notes. It also allows the user to capture application images:

Execute Manual Software Test

AscentialTest Manual Test Edition can be purchased separately as a standalone solution for manual-only testing.

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