Another Ascential Difference

The importance of a solid test plan is often overlooked, but the strength of your test effort depends upon it. AscentialTest places the test plan where it ought to be, in the center of our test management solution, and we make it easy to link in your automated and manual tests.

Our customers tell us that "it's a whole lot easier to manage 25 plans than 2500 tests?"





Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a solution for manual and automated testing that will allow all members of the team to build effective tests faster than with traditional manual testing methods so that a positive Return on Investment is achieved the very first time tests are deployed.



Supported Platforms

  • Windows Clients
  • SWT
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox, Chrome
  • Java - Swing
  • DotNet - Winforms, WPF
  • Terminals (iSeries)
  • Powerbuilder 6x -12.x
  • Siebel
  • DevExpress








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Test Planning

Test Data Management

Automated Testing

Manual Testing

AscentialTest 6




Browser Independence


Tests created with one browser run without modification against all supported browser and browser versions. We do the heavy-lifting so that you don't have to.

Zeenyx is committed to keeping up with new browser versions as soon as they are released.



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Ascential ALM

Zeenyx continues to build support for Application Life-cycle Management into AscentialTest, which is designed to make it easy to integrate test plans with test data, manual execution instructions and automated tests. AscentialTest provides features to manage test plans, test cases, test data, test execution, test results and defects.

Test Planning

Test Planning

The test plan editor is a planning tool used to describe test requirements in outline or list form. The editor has a natural feel while providing powerful links to testing components used for manual or automated testing.

    GreenCheck Create test plans and suites
    GreenCheck Link tests to plans via drag and drop
    GreenCheck Integrate tests seamlessly with test data
    GreenCheck Execute manual and automated tests
    GreenCheck Manage test results in a centralized database
    GreenCheck Generate reports through a web interface

Defect Tracking

Defect Tab

Defects tab

AscentialTest is integrated with Jira to provide a way to manage the relationship between test results and defects:

    GreenCheck Create a defect
    GreenCheck Assign a test to a defect
    GreenCheck Get prompted to create defects for failed tests
    GreenCheck Check the current status of a defect
    GreenCheck Get prompted to re-run tests as defects are fixed
    GreenCheck Access a defect to modify status and details

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Version Control

SVN Integration

AscentialTest is fully integrated with Subversion to support large teams:

    GreenCheck Check out/check in components to SVN repository
    GreenCheck Merge files with integrated merge utility
    GreenCheck Review project history
    GreenCheck Restore to previous revision

Test Execution Management

Test Set

Test Sets provide test execution management and reporting to support your software testing cycles and releases. A Test Set may be created for a build, a test cycle or a project, depending upon how your organization tests and delivers software. Although a Test Set can be used indefinitely, it is more likely that the scope will be for a software release, upon which the Test Set will be completed and saved for future reference. A Test Set is created by combining tests from available sources. Sources include test plans and suites from a single or multiple AscentialTest projects.

The following is a short description of the primary Test Management features:

    GreenCheck Combine automated and manual tests within a Test Set
    GreenCheck Indicate and specify reasons for blocked tests
    GreenCheck Add notes to tests
    GreenCheck Select tests for execution using an attribute query
    GreenCheck Specify reasons for test failure
    GreenCheck Manage test results in a centralized database
    GreenCheck Annotate Test Set to explain test results   
    GreenCheck Ignore runs or specific tests within a run
    GreenCheck View the results of each run   
    GreenCheck View the results of a test across multiple runs   
    GreenCheck Generate reports and charts   
    GreenCheck Export reports to PDF, HTML, EXCEL, RTF, TXT or TIF formats

Test Results Pie Chart