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Zeenyx Technical Webinar

Enhancing your understanding of Zee language scripting

While most testing tasks can be accomplished in AscentialTest without scripting, the Zee language is a full-featured, object-oriented language that provides the ability to build test automation capabilities beyond drag and drop. This presentation will cover the following:

  • Creating app object classes to promote re-use
  • Extending built-in app object classes
  • Sub-classing built-in app object classes
  • Creating and using app object properties
  • Indirection with the Reference Operator
  • Using selectors for dynamic identification of app objects

When: June 22 @ 10:00 AM EDT

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Zeenyx Technical Webinar

How to add test verification through REST, SOAP, SQL and DLL with AscentialTest.

While AscentialTest is primarily used for GUI testing, the Zee Language has the capability to create, update and parse JSON and XML and to call DLL, ODBC, SOAP and REST interfaces. This presentation will cover the following:

  • JSON parsing and editing
  • REST calling
  • XML parsing and editing
  • SOAP calling
  • DLL calling
  • SQL execution


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Zeenyx Technical Webinar

Designing a test data strategy that promotes efficiency and re-usability for manual and automated tests.

Test data is an important component to building manual and automated tests with AscentialTest. In this session, we will explore all of the different ways that test data can be stored and accessed to promote both efficiency and re-usability. Topics include:

  • Project, plan and suite data
  • Test data parameters and tables
  • Step data parameters and tables
  • Passing data
  • Generating dynamic test data


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Zeenyx Technical Webinar

How to Bullet-Proof ‘Flaky’ Automated Tests

While most automated tests run consistently, there are others that you might term as ‘flaky’ or ‘tricky’. Those are the ones that sometimes pass, sometimes fail and are hard to get working reliably. We’ve all encountered them, regardless of the testing tool is in use. The difficulty often involves inconsistent timing of asynchronous events. In this webinar, we’ll examine examples provided by the AscentialTest user community along with their solutions. We invite your participation by sending us an example and joining in on the discussion. We’ll also review AscentialTest debugging features and talk about a few upcoming features that enhance debugging capabilities.

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Appeon Elevate 2020

You are invited to join us for a two-day digital conference hosted online by Appeon from November 16-17, 2020. This is an opportunity to learn and share PowerBuilder and PowerServer knowledge, code and experience with the Appeon Community.

When: Available now

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Zeenyx Technical Webinar

Everything you wanted to know about the Path Statement

While in most cases AscentialTest automatically chooses the best path for each application object, the complexity or custom nature of an element may require that the tester utilize the rich array of options available to achieve the best object definition. This presentation will provide a thorough understanding of the most useful path options along with usage examples.

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PowerBuilder & PowerServer

How to create a single set of tests for your PowerBuilder & PowerServer apps

Learn how a set of automated tests built to test a PowerBuilder classic application can be re-used without change to validate the deployment to a PowerServer web application. This presentation will provide an overview of PowerBuilder/PowerServer automated testing support along with simple techniques to successfully migrate automated tests from one platform to another.

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