Product Roadmap

What We're Up To Next

We understand that you need other tools to be productive so we'll be bringing you a lot more integration in our upcoming releases.

TFS/Azure Integration

AscentialTest already has the capability of integrating with defect tracking, version control and continuous integration tools. We look forward to offering all of those same great features with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and Azure.


GitHub Integration

AscentialTest is already integrated with Subversion to streamline the process of checking out, checking in and merging changes to your test components to support collaboration for both small and large teams. Soon we’ll be offering those same great features for GitHub.


Edge Support

Customers rely on AscentialTest to run their web-based tests on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer without having to make any changes. Soon we’ll be extending that support for Microsoft’s latest Edge browser.


Mobile Platform Support

AscentialTest provides broad GUI support including Windows, DotNet, PowerBuilder, Java, Web, Pdf and Terminal. We’re looking forward to extending that support to include apps running on your iOS and Android based mobile devices.


Jenkins Plug-in

Although AscentialTest already integrates with continuous integration tools through our command line interface, we want to make it even easier to execute tests through Jenkins. Look for an AscentialTest Jenkins plug-in soon.