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AscentialTest® Features

AscentialTest provides facilities for test planning, test data management, automated and manual testing, test execution, defect tracking and reporting. Built around our patented ‘smart image’ technology, our users build test components by dragging and dropping from a series of application screen images. Our solution produces robust, easy to maintain tests, developed without a requirement for programming experience.

Our approach allows organizations to save time and reduce costs by enabling domain experts to design and create tests that are ready to execute without recording or scripting. Reusable test components are built by point and click, as actions and data forms are automatically generated. The automated tests that are generated using this approach are as easy to maintain as they are to create.

Automated Testing Tools, Manual Testing Tools and Test Management Tools for:

  • windows automated testing support


  • web automated testing support

    Web Apps

  • DotNet automated testing support


  • powerbuilder automated testing support


  • Chromium automated testing support


  • Terminal automated testing support


  • PDF automated testing support


  • java automated testing support



‘Maintenance’ is a dirty word in automated and manual testing circles, the ‘M’ word if you will. It muddies the clear waters of record/playback, often touted as the silver bullet in the field of Software Quality Assurance. Test automation is supposed to reduce costs while increasing efficiency in a test organization, but test maintenance can quickly erode the return on investment if the testing tool and framework are not designed to ensure that tests can be modified quickly and easily as the target application changes over time.

After all, if our applications were static, there would be no need for automated testing. Where some may shy away from the subject of test maintenance, Zeenyx has embraced it. It underscores the strength of the AscentialTest’s design. A closer look at some of the major features of AscentialTest highlights how the requirement for superlative test maintenance has shaped the product and delivered the following benefits to our customers.

AscentialTest® Productivity Highlights

  • Reduced Learning Curve

  • Increased Productivity for Test Development

  • Minimized Cost of Test Maintenance and Lower Cost of Ownership for Manual and Automated Tests

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