Automated DotNet Testing Tools, Manual Testing Tools and Test Management Tools for:

DotNet applications developed with Winforms or WPF

DotNet Testing Support

AscentialTest provides DotNet automated testing for applications developed with either WinForms or WPF. All standard DotNet controls are supported including: checkbox, combobox, datagrid, expander, group, label, listbox, listview, menu, menubar, menuitem, popuplist, pushbutton, radiobutton, richtextfield, statusbar, statuspart, tab, tabgroup, text, textfield, togglebutton, toolbar, toolbutton and treeview.

Third-party controls from Component One and DevExpress are also supported. Extensions for other third-party suppliers are in the works.

In addition, an extension kit is available to add automated testing support for custom controls that have been developed by your organization.

DotNet Table Support:

AscentialTest provides unparalleled automated testing support for tables or grids developed with either WinForms or WPF including third-party controls from Component One and DevExpress.

The AscentialTest table interface allows the user to easily get, verify, select and set table elements in the target application:

  • Get or verify the contents of a table
  • Get or verify the contents of a row
  • Get or verify the contents of a column
  • Get the number of rows
  • Get the number of columns
  • Select a row and or column
  • Set the value of an element embedded in a column (TextField, PopupList, RadioList, etc.)

The image below depicts a DotNet WPF DataGrid:

DotNet automated testing

Selectors support DotNet automated testing by making it easy to get and set values to table objects. The ‘Test Value’ field provides a way for the user to test the selector and ensure that it has been correctly defined. Selectors are used in automated tests to set and get values from application objects. The example below displays a test action that uses a selector. It verifies the first name of the person that is identified with the selector value ‘Meyer’.

DotNet Automated Testing

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