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Automated PDF Testing


AscentialTest provides automated Pdf testing and verification for target application-generated documents.

The ability to verify the contents of a Pdf document may be an important part of an automated test transaction. Manual verification is time-consuming and error prone because of the amount of detail contained in the generated document. With AscentialTest, you can verify textual components within a Pdf document even if they are arranged in complex structures like tables or grids. Pdf verification is added to tests using the same drag and drop features that are used for developing automated tests against the GUI of the target application.

Pdf Table Support:

AscentialTest provides a special feature called a ‘selector’, which makes it easy to locate a row in a Pdf table based on a target value. In the example below, the selector has located the second row in the table because the ‘Part No’ column contains the test value ‘336003’:

automated PDF testing


Selectors make it easy to get and set values to table objects. The ‘Test Value’ field provides a way for the user to test the selector and ensure that it has been correctly defined. Selectors are used in automated pdf tests to set and get values from application objects. The example below displays a test action that uses a selector on a pdf table. It verifies the description of the part that is identified with the selector value ‘336003’.

automated PDF testing

To learn about how to insert PDF verification into your automated tests, check out this article from our blog: PDF Comparison. The article describes how AscentialTest can be used to compare an application-generated Pdf document to a baseline, masking out lines that contain variable data like date and time stamps.