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PowerBuilder Automated Testing Support

AscentialTest provides PowerBuilder automated testing support for applications from PB v6.x right up to the most current version of Appeon PowerBuilder. The Datawindow is recognized regardless of its presentation style: Form, Grid, Group, Tabular. The image below displays a Datawindow in the form of what we call a PbTable. It has rows and columns that can contain any number of control types (checkbox, popuplist, textfield, etc.).

PowerBuilder Table Support:

AscentialTest provides a special feature called a ‘selector’, which makes it easy to locate a row in a table based on a target value. In the example below, the selector has located the third row in the table because it contains the test value ‘Table Management”:

PowerBuilder automated testing

PowerBuilder Form Support:

AscentialTest also recognizes the Datawindow in the form of what we call ‘PbForm’. Notice that the PbForm displayed below contains many different types of application objects including PbText, PbTextField, PbRadioGroup and PbCheckBox. These are only some of the control types that can be included on a form.

PowerBuilder automated testing

Other control types include:

PowerBuilder Automated TestingPbCheckBox

PowerBuilder Automated TestingPbComboList

PowerBuilder Automated TestingPbComboTable

PowerBuilder Automated TestingPbCompute

PowerBuilder Automated TestingPbDataWindow







PowerBuilder Toolbar Support:

Most PowerBuilder applications include tool bars with icons that represent application tasks. AscentialTest provides special recognition for those tool bar icons to make it easy to select them:

PowerBuilder automated testing

PowerBuilder Ribbon Bar Support:

Appeon recently introduced the ribbon bar as an alternative to the toolbar. As compared to the standard tool bar, the ribbon bar can contain PowerBuilder elements like Checkbox, TextField, PopupList and ComboBox:

PowerBuilder automated testing


AscentialTest support for PowerBuilder elements contained in a ribbon bar works the same way that it does for elements contained in a datawindow.

PowerServer Automated Testing Support


Support for PowerServer web applications is also available beginning with PS 2020 GA. Since you can run tests created for your PowerBuilder classic application against the PowerServer web version without having to make any changes, you can validate that your deployed application works exactly the same as the legacy version. Watch the video below to learn more: